Billboards come in a variety of formats

Each one has its own unique benefits

Bulletins & Wallscapes

The most common billboard formats, bulletins and wallscapes place your message in front of travelers and around town. Bulletins are great for directional signage, branding, and awareness campaigns. A standard bulletin is 14' x 48'.

Billboard and Wallscapes

Street Furniture

Positioned at eye level, bus shelters, benches, phone kiosks, and newsstands are plentiful, appeal to commuters, and emphasize your brand at AM/PM rush hours. This is a solid method to build awareness within a community.

Street Furniture


Capture captive eyeballs during long commutes. Public transportation stations, busses, subways, and even airports all offer excellent targeting opportunities and a varied canvas for your ad.

Bus Advertising

Billboards are also part of a larger family of advertising

It's called Out-of-Home Media

Digital OOH Networks

Digital Out-of-Home networks bring TV advertising indoors to venues like bars, gyms, coffee shops, gas pumps, movies theaters, and more. Leverage existing commercials and video assets to reach consumers at the point of purchase!

Digital OOH Network Advertising

Place Based & Indoor

Place based and indoor media offers excellent targeting with static media. Sports arenas, malls, parking lots, convenience stores, and other retail outlets are just a examples of what's out there.

Indoor advertising and airport advertising


With alternative media, the sky is the limit — literally! Aerial ads, guerrilla marketing, street teams, inflatable billboards, and more — there are limitless possibilities when you open the door to alternative media.

Alternative Advertising


Interactive ads can use NFC to allow consumers to receive digital content, such as a movie trailer or a free song. For more information about how NFC and interactive ads work, check out our NFC Infographic.

NFC Interactive Advertising